About Us

The Idea behind Venuekart

Spaces are one of the most underutilized properties, yet one of the most commonly possessed ones. This is where VenueKart comes in to help people earn out of these little hidden corners of theirs, which they never thought had any use at all, except to be treated as a warehouse most of the time.
VenueKart is a community portal for people to list, discover and book such spaces, which we convert into 'venues' for the global marketplace. So if you have a lovely garden which you cannot seem to do anything with other than taking care of, put it up as a venue here. It could easily be used to organize a private event or a birthday party for someone else, and you get to make money out of all your efforts to preserve such spaces!
Of course, we also provide the standard venues like party plots, banquet halls, clubs, beach homes, farm houses, etc., for the more regular sorts of events. As we like to think of VenueKart as a complete solution when it comes to providing venues for all types of events you might need to celebrate, and as our users are of a mixed bunch, it becomes customary for us to be able to cater to all of their varied desires and demands to the very best of our capabilities.

What We Offer

The basic idea is to crowd-source spaces, and converts them to venues for people to be able to host wonderful events, all the while helping the venue owners make monetary gains out of their unused spaces. Providing a platform for the implementation of such an idea is the core of our service offering.
Venuekart is focused on getting people to put up their spaces as venues, and helping others to rent them according to their hosting needs. It is one of the easiest ways to monetize your extra venue space and showcase it to a global audience of millions.
We take the hassle out of the venue finding process and save hours of research looking for the same. All you need is to let us know the city wherein you are looking for a venue, and we will tell you the most suitable ones. Narrow down your search by a lot of intuitive filters and book your perfect venue with ease.
Just sign up with us, fill in the required information for listing your space, and submit it to VenueKart. Every space is verified for its authenticity, and as soon as the process is complete, it is added to our marketplace as a venue. You can then start getting requests for quotes from potential customers, and take it further from there.

Behind the Awesomeness

Ajay Agrawal
Co-Founder and CPO
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Ajay forms the overall strategy as well as leads the technical team in line with the foresight and need to keep the company at the forefront of the industry. Armed with a solution oriented mindset along with the ability to generate new ideas; his niche is to spot opportunities and thereby execute them on the ground.
Entrepreneurial by nature, Ajay has successfully setup a small pharmaceutical business in his home town. He has also mentored a couple of start-ups in the past and aspires to create a start-up incubator in future.
Ajay is a happy-go-lucky chap whose sense of humour keeps enthralling the people around him. In his free time, he loves to spend quality time with his family and near and dear ones.
Prakash Jha
Co-Founder and CEO
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Driving the company's vision, strategy and growth, Prakash is the one who ensures that VenueKart keeps providing interesting and unique ways for people to search and book their event spaces online. He is a budding serial entrepreneur in the making-having had start-ups executed in the hospitality sector as a restaurateur, and in the real estate sector as a paying guest facility in the past.
In addition to his entrepreneurial stint, he has around nine years of professional experience spanning across Corporate Banking and ERP Consulting, backed up by strong educational credentials.
A foodie to the core, Prakash loves rambling in the woods, observing the minute aspects of nature. He has a very versatile persona with significantly varying interests like literature, dramatics, quizzing, travelling and sports!
Prashant Khandelwal
Co-Founder and CTO
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The backbone of VenueKart, Prashant is someone who comfortably handles technologies, project management, client acquisition and nurturing and managing the team all at the same time.
Having around three years of Project Management experience with a software start-up, Prashant also comes with several accolades up his shoulders in the technical arena. His love for technology and processes exceeds the work-boundaries and takes him to a variety of domains to dabble in.
On the softer side, Prashant is an avid guitarist and a passionate dancer having performed several times on stage. He loves reading, teaching and motivating his students and once in a while makes it a point to travel solo to connect with himself.
Nishit Modi
Senior Technical Architect
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A quick learner, Nishit has a relentless passion for creating value in the form of functional as well as reliable web portals and softwares. He is a strong proponent of adherence to best practices incorporating sound design implementation, coding, testing, documentation and overall maintenance of any project.
A hardcore techie, he holds a university gold medal in the area of Information Technology. He has around two years of experience across multiple domains and technologies in a fast growing startup.
Nishit loves to play table-tennis, watching movies of thriller genre, listening to soft music, a bit of adventure trekking and indulging in computer games.
Neha Sanghvi
Design Architect
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Leading the design team at VenueKart, Neha enjoys most is experimenting with user interfaces and keeping a tab on the trending ways of digital communication.
Engineer by education and esthete by vocation, Neha has found her haven in designing and copywriting for all things visual. She comes with a 5 year experience in graphic and web designing, and a year in digital marketing.
When Neha is not working, you might find her, after a lot of efforts, hidden in some corner and scribbling out poetries and sketches on her pad.
Archit Mishra
Lead Business Development
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Leading the Business Development initiatives, Archit is someone who comfortably handles multiple roles and responsibilities with the utmost of ease. Add to this, his ability to quickly grasp things, a constant zeal to learn and an innate skill to comfortably mix with people in any environment makes him a very valuable asset to the company.
He is supposedly where the left brain meets the right one! In addition to being an engineer by background with around two years of experience across project management consulting and market research, his creative urges have got manifested through national level accolades in Ad Making competitions and hosting of India's largest carnival festival.
Gifted with a baritone voice, Archit has a penchant for singing and is the lead guitarist for a local band. Being a people person, it would not be a surprise to catch him narrating stories during his free time!
Kruti Nair
Head Content Development
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Leading the content team at VenueKart, Kruti enjoys most is writing on anything under the sun - be it a research paper to something as mundane as being some daily human chore!
An Economics graduate by education, she also holds a diploma in Liberal Studies which very well helps her to leverage preparation of various forms of publication and articles. She has been developing content for quite a number of organizations which has been very well received and appreciated.
Other than blogging, Kriti dabbles in sketching and painting. And if time is still benevolent on her, she reciprocates it through enhancing her photography skills and dancing to subtle rhythms!